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Orthodontics has never been faster and more precise! Invisalign helps you regain your confident smile!

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Discover the state-of-the-art solution for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign technology! It helps you regain your confident smile quickly and comfortably. Say goodbye to metal frames and wires! It’s not just an aesthetic advantage, it’s also less control. Invisalign is the solution to most orthodontic problems, such as overbites, deep bites, crowded teeth or even gaps between teeth. Find out more and book an appointment for a full consultation!

Optimum Dentistry is Hungary’s first and only Diamond-level partner for Invisalign orthodontic technology! With 13 million patients treated and 25 years of experience behind Invisalign, Optimum’s specialists, Dr. Csaba Mayer invisalign master doctor, have hundreds of patients treated!

Success stories and reviews about Invisalign braces

Invisalign effectively corrects minor or even more serious teeth discrepancy! Choose Invisalign technology for fast and effective orthodontic treatment!

How does Invisalign orthodontic treatment work?

Consultation and 3D plan

The first step is a full consultation and a 3D plan, which is carried out using the iTero scanner. This will not only allow us to accurately assess your current condition, but also show you the expected final result digitally!

Accurate treatment plan

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss any questions you may have with our specialist. We will then send you an accurate treatment plan, which already includes a personalised price and a description of the entire process.

Start treatment

There's nothing left to do but start your treatment! Invisalign orthodontics at Optimum is that simple!

Can Invisalign orthodontic treatment be suitable for you?

All you have to do is start treatment! Invisalign orthodontics at Optimum is that simple!

Select the condition of your current dentures and find out right away!

Let's see!

These teeth were also made beautiful with Invisalign technology!

Have a smile that makes you feel confident. With us you can achieve your dreams!

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iTero scanner

With the iTero scanner, we use a 3D scanning device to make a digital impression instead of traditional impression material. So you can see instantly a digital, 3D copy of your teeth on the scanner’s monitor!

The iTero scanner can be used for any type of tooth replacement (inlays, crowns or implants), invisible braces (Invisalign) or traditional orthodontic treatment.

Find out more!

This is what you will see with the iTero scanner

The iTero scanner will show you how your teeth will change thanks to Invisalign braces. You can enjoy your new dentures before your first treatment! That’s why you should choose Invisalign technology at Optimum!

Why choose Invisalign technology?

We can definitely say that Invisalign is one of the best things to happen in the world of orthodontics. Invisalign’s clear aligners are made specifically for your teeth, naturally taking into account your individual facial aesthetic considerations.

Not only are the aligners almost invisible, but they are also easily removable, so brushing and eating will never be a pain!

This type of treatment can be an excellent choice for adults or even teenagers. Thanks to Invisalign’s innovation, it can treat almost all common orthodontic problems (deep bite, crossbite, malocclusion, etc.).

We are happy to recommend Invisalign technology if:

  • you are looking for a quick solution
  • you need the occasional flexibility of wearing braces
  • want to wear braces without being noticed

How much does Invisalign cost?

The price of Invisalign braces will of course depend on the current condition of your teeth. Our orthodontist, Dr. Csaba Mayer will give you an accurate quote! Our prices include the cost of all treatments, so there are no other occasional extra charges with us!

Starts from as little as 475,000 HUF

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is Invisalign?

    Invisalign is an almost invisible orthodontic method that actively uses digital technology. Now we can not only imagine how beautiful our teeth will look, but we can see it. We can see the expected movement of our teeth from start to finish.

    You’ll wear aligners designed exclusively for your dentures throughout the weeks, which use tiny movements to move your teeth into the desired position.

    How long does orthodontic treatment with Invisalign technology last?

    This depends largely on the current condition of your teeth. In general, however, after 7-9 months, most of our patients can enjoy a new smile!

    Is Invisalign really invisible?

    Almost. Invisalign braces are truly invisible compared to other technologies, with no traditional metal braces or wires. So you can feel more confident wearing them.

    Can I take it out at any time?

    Yes. Of course, for quick and perfect results, we recommend wearing it all the time, but you can also take it out for a few hours for an important dinner, event or business meeting. In addition, of course, oral hygiene will be much easier, as brushing your teeth can be complete.

    Am I guaranteed to have perfectly straight teeth?

    During your initial consultation, we will perform a full assessment and you can use the iTero 3D scanner to see exactly how your teeth will look after treatment.

    Can Invisalign treat all types of problems?

    Invisalign offers a solution to most orthodontic problems, such as deep bite, crossbite, malocclusion. Of course, you will be fully informed during your first consultation.

    I have never heard of this orthodontic technique. Is it new?

    Millions of smiles around the world have been made perfect with Invisalign technology. Currently, there is still limited availability of this type of orthodontic treatment in Hungary. This is mainly due to the expensive background technology. At Optimum Dentistry, all the conditions for using Invisalign are given!

    How much does Invisalign cost?

    The exact price of the treatment can be determined after consultation, as the complexity of the problem will affect the price. At Optimum, Invisalign is available from as little as HUF 475,000.

    What material is Invisalign made of?

    Instead of metal frames and wires, the aligners are made of thermoplastic material. This makes it almost invisible and customisable.

    How long does the treatment take?

    The average is 7-9 months, but the exact duration of treatment depends on the complexity of the orthodontic treatment. A full treatment plan will be provided after your consultation!

    How do I clean my braces?

    The most effective way to clean is with a toothbrush using coold water.



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